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Sustainability Policy

Brand Promotions is a long established and successful supplier of promotional merchandise in the Australian market.

Brand Promotions strongly believes in conservation of the environment and conducting business in a socially responsible manner. We as a company are committed to following sustainable business practices in our internal processes and promoting these in our supply chain. 

We are also committed to respecting and honouring the individual rights of all workers in the supply chain and the environment that they work in.

We see both of these commitments as inter-related and an on-going process that requires continual improvement as we gain knowledge and as individuals and a company and to move with changes in society.

Objectives of this policy are to:

  • Establish guidelines and review targets to achieve continual improvement.
  • Improve the energy efficiency and waste management of our offices and our building.
  • Work with suppliers and clients to increase awareness of social and natural environment and to encourage collaborative solutions to develop and improve sustainable processes.
  • Meet and exceed all regulatory standards.
  • Increase our partnerships with suppliers certified to ISO140001 or SA8000. 
  • Offering a sustainable option where possible to each project where we present ideas.
  • Maintaining high standard of honest, ethical and legal business behaviour.
  • Reduce our energy and water needs with a goal to being energy neutral by 2017. 

We believe our social and environmental responsibility is a collaborative effort that involves our education and the education of our partners. This policy documents our ongoing commitment and is an evolving process.