Who is the client?

My client is the University of New South Wales, they are one of the largest and most respected University in Australia and they are part of the tertiary education system.

Who is their target market?

UNSW has tens and thousands of enrolled and prospective students locally and offshore. Their target market are academics both residing in Australia or overseas.

brand-unsw-case-studyWhat do they want to achieve?

After a research that has been conducted by the main marketing department at UNSW they found that lot of department heads were ordering merchandise for their own events.

There were a lot of wastage involved in this process because they are not working together. Not only were there wastage, there were a lot of logo ill-discipline. For instance, at an event, each department might have different bags and all have different logos. So this didn't run well with UNSW and what they want to achieve.

What did Brand do to help them?

After the research was conducted, UNSW found that a lot of products purchased by their main marketing heads were very similar. We were bought in and we create a short range and covered all of these products. From there we showed UNSW that if they order through our China factories that they would save sixty plus percent on the merchandise compared to their AD-HOC local sourcing methods. So in addition to this we hold stocks for UNSW at one of our local warehouses and we also developed a web portal for them.

These web portal showcased all their products that are available and allow the different marketing departments or different colleges to log on and place an order whenever they require the particular merchandise.

Because the products are stored locally, and we have excellent partnerships with logistical companies, UNSW are able to receive their order in one to two-day period.

What was the outcome of the campaign?

So there wasn't just one outcome, they have 3 main outcomes.

1. The first one was brand consistency and logo discipline.

2. The second outcome was the fact that they could save thousands of dollars using our China direct pricing and solutions.

3. The third outcome was that now no matter how large or small the order they have a delivery turnaround time of 1-2 days right to their doorstep.

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