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The Brand Promotions Story - Over 30 Years Helping Major Brands Profit from Promotional Products

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of promotional product suppliers who can sell you nifty items with your logo on them. I’m sure you hear from companies like this all the time! So what makes Brand Promotions different? And how did we come to be this way?

Robert OrrellMy name is Robert Orrell, the CEO of Brand Promotions. The year was 1977. I was helping clients in the special area of promotional law (competitions, sweepstakes and the like). That’s when I discovered the power of promotional products. And I instantly fell in love with promotional marketing.

One of my clients was working with a local chocolate manufacturer – helping them import beautiful silk flowers to attach to their chocolates as a ‘gift with purchase’ for Mother’s Day. He also did work with prestigious brands like Elizabeth Arden.

We started working together in 1982 and then we formed Brand Promotions in 1989 to help clients benefit from…

The Power of Promotional Products

Coming from a background of law, my eyes were suddenly opened to a whole new world of creativity. It was fun and exciting. But most of all, we were able to offer companies real, tangible results. An innovative Promotional Product, Gift With Purchase or Bonus Item that could…

    • Secure you that ‘impossible appointment’ with a prominent person
    • Compel retailers to give you valuable shelf space and prime in-store positioning
    • Magnetically attract thousands of new customers to try your brand for the first time
    • Boost immediate sales and lock in long-term loyalty by giving customers incentives to buy multiple units
    • Encourage referrals from respected people in your market (especially pharmaceutical)
    • Launch a new brand and dominate a market almost overnight
    • Reinvigorate an ageing brand and attract a whole new generation of buyers
    • Be the perfect ‘salesperson’ for your business